Who can benefit from my psychotherapeutic services?

My mission is to help people to be at least a little happier, more peaceful, and better equipped for good relationships; and to be able to create healthy boundaries to inappropriate behaviour of others. I teach you to calm your body and to respond more calmly to stressful situations.

I carry out my mission by offering psychotherapeutic help to individuals, couples, families, children and adolescents. My support includes lectures, workshops and trainings for individuals as well as for businesses and organizations.

When to seek out psychotherapeutic help?

I recommend that you choose psychotherapy when you feel that you are no longer able to cope with the difficulties and distress that you are facing.

You can also choose couple therapy if you want to improve the quality of your relationship and, consequently, your life in general.

dr. Nada Trtnik

Because I have knowledge, experiences, and lots of compassion.

Testimonials of my work by numerous satisfied clients.

I am a marital and family therapist, PhD and director of the Therapy Institute Odnos.

I specialized in and obtained a PhD in Marital and Family Therapy. I have a certificate of Imago therapy and therapeutic work with children. I have participated in congresses with several scientific articles. I have regular supervision of my professional work. I am a member of the Association of Marital and Family Therapists Slovenia.

I have plenty of experiences, having worked as a psychotherapist for over 12 years. During this time, I have put into practice 5500 hours of psychotherapy with individuals, couples and families. I conducted over 120 lectures and workshops on improving interpersonal relationships and relations within organizations. In the last ten years, I have led more than 10 one-year therapy groups for couples and for adult children of alcoholics.

My desire is to bring more understanding, connectedness and compassion to our relationships. It is out mutual responsibility to permanently learn and upgrade our knowledge and skills to love better and accept others with more open hearts. On your path towards a fully lived life I can help with my expertise, wholeheartedness and support.

My mission is to help people to be at least a little bit happier, calmer, and better equipped for good relationships.

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How I can help you?

My job is to create a confidential, safe and comfortable environment, where we will work together to achieve our mutual goal: to eliminate symptoms, to preserve your couple relationship, to get rid of destructive thoughts, or to heal completely.


Do you live far away so that it is not possible for you to meet me in person? Maybe you are sick or on a trip? In this case, we can arrange for therapy or consulting via Skype. If the time of your location differs from the time in Slovenia, we make necessary adjustments.


My Skype name: nada.trtnik

How do we arrange for therapy or counselling via Skype? We agree on the date and time of the appointment by phone (+386 (0)31 371 143) or e-mail (nada.trtnik@odnos.org). Please make your payment two days before the appointment. I will send you the bank transaction information via e-mail or SMS. Before our session, please make sure your Skype is working properly (image, sound, Internet connection, downloaded Skype application). At the agreed time, we connect and our session can begin.

If the time of your location differs from the time in Slovenia, we make necessary adjustments


After therapy that my wife and I attended because we grew apart, we managed to establish the level of connectedness we had had before problems started to emerge in our relationship. Namely, we had had a beautiful marriage a few years ago, a relationship we were proud of. Now we became more alert to each other’s feelings.


Thanks to you, I became that sunshiny person again; with your expertise and trust that I needed so much at that time, you helped me the most. I realized what it truly means to be a woman.


As far as therapy is concerned, I was satisfied, because at that time I started to feel better and I must admit that I'm doing very well. Of course, after therapy ended I still have work to do, primarily by exploring myself, searching for answers, looking for the causes of my feelings, and when I find them, I try to accept and resolve them. I find books very helpful; I could say that I use some sort of bibliotherapy.


In therapy, my partner and I learned how to cope in conflict when both of us are irritated, how to calm down, how not to harm each other even deeper, and how to reconnect again. We learned more about how to reconnect after stressful outbursts and how to respond to each other. Now we feel better together.


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