This is my first encounter with psychotherapy and I must admit that it made a very good impression even though I knew very little about it and had no idea how it looked like.

In my opinion, without Nada’s professional help we would have had hard times solving our problem.

I would recommend Therapy Institute Odnos to every individual or couple who want to improve their relationship and deal with any kind of distress. Only with a qualified professional such as Nada, who is also a truly compassionate and serene person, it is possible to successfully cope with problems and pain.

I think, however, that everyone is responsible for a successful outcome. One needs to invest a lot of work, persist and, above all, face and accept certain difficulties which are often unpleasant and very painful. One’s desire and will for change should be really strong, otherwise even the best therapist cannot help.

We began therapy because of my partner’s affair. My trust was betrayed and my feeling of safety was crushed; I instinctively decided to leave.

After some time of living separately we realized, however, how much we mean to each other. Because of love that remained in spite of his cheating we decided to establish a new, better relationship. The pain we experienced was a warning sign that something was not as it should have been. We decided to begin therapy which proved very helpful, and our relationship and life in general became much better and more beautiful.

We learned that due to our cluelessness, unfulfilled needs and emotional wounds from our childhoods we often unconsciously acted in a wrong way. Due to work overload we devoted too little time to each other, and our relationship gradually declined.

It was only from the pain we had experienced that we learned that nothing can be taken for granted and that this pain is actually the result of true love.

We were most helped by compassionate support, listening and understanding of our problems we were not capable of coping with, let alone dealing with in such difficult situation, because pain was too severe. With the therapeutic help of Dr Nada Trtnik, who is an extraordinarily compassionate person with lots of positive energy, we faced the truth, started to deal with problems and pain, and found the reasons behind them. We opened and safely processed the “childhood baggage” which affected our present, and what followed was a great relief.

We realized that when you truly look into your heart you wake up; and that’s what we needed. We learned that a relationship is a living thing which, if we want it to thrive, needs everyday care as well as knowledge that we accumulate during our therapy sessions.

For us, this is a great experience that provided us with an opportunity to transform our future.

In therapy, my partner and I learned how to cope in conflict when both of us are irritated, how to calm down, how not to harm each other even deeper, and how to reconnect again. We learned more about how to reconnect after stressful outbursts and how to respond to each other. Now we feel better together.

After therapy that my wife and I attended because we grew apart, we managed to establish the level of connectedness we had had before problems started to emerge in our relationship. Namely, we had had a beautiful marriage a few years ago, a relationship we were proud of. Now we became more alert to each other’s feelings.

Thanks to you, I became that sunshiny person again; with your expertise and trust that I needed so much at that time, you helped me the most. I realized what it truly means to be a woman.

As far as therapy is concerned, I was satisfied, because at that time I started to feel better and I must admit that I’m doing very well. Of course, after therapy ended I still have work to do, primarily by exploring myself, searching for answers, looking for the causes of my feelings, and when I find them, I try to accept and resolve them. I find books very helpful; I could say that I use some sort of bibliotherapy.

I am proud that my husband and I were able to search for professional help when we couldn’t find the way out of the vicious circle. And we were very lucky indeed that we found you, Dr Nada Trtnik…

It is a relief that with your help, my husband and I clarified all unresolved problems before his death. We beautifully fulfilled what was meant for us, we didn’t remain stuck. So I was able to part with him reconciled and in peace. I accepted the loss and moved on, feeling better because I knew that now I had truly good connections up there 🙂 This is really moving. Thank you, Nada: memories are now much more beautiful due to your support.

Sessions with you, twice a month, are pure balm to my soul. This is the most usefully invested time and money I have spent so far. I love learning from experts and from you I have learned so much. What I like the most is that in your attitude to dealing with a problem I feel that you see your work as a mission. For you it is important that when your clients leave they feel better than when they arrived. For people who need advice, you use all your knowledge, experience and care. Your work is distinguished by your expertise as well as by your personality; the combination of your rich academic path and a positive outlook on the complex world of relationships. In sessions you laugh with us, add a witty and humorous remark, but also closely observe our reactions when there is a tear in a client’s eye. Not only will interpersonal relationships improve with your help but also the clients will experience your professionalism and kindness. Those who experience your firm handshake and how you look into their eyes will understand.